Can I File My 2290 Tax Form Electronically I Just Received My EIN?

Can I File My 2290 Tax Form Electronically I Just Received My EIN? No, as a truck owner, you must require EIN to file the HVUT Form 2290 with the IRS. Without an Employer Identification Number, you can’t file the 2290 Tax Returns. You don’t file your return with the social security number. Even if you operate a sole proprietorship, you must require EIN for filling the 2290 tax form. Here, we provide the importance of the Employer Identification Number.

About EIN

Particularly, an Employer Identification Number works like a Tax ID. In the United States, every business requires EIN for paying taxes. Without EIN, businesses don’t file the taxes with the IRS. IRS identifies the business entity through Employer Identification Number. For applying an EIN, a business must be established in the United States. The taxpayer must require a social security number for applying for an EIN. SSN is an individual Tax ID for paying individual taxes.

Apply EIN Immediately

If you don’t have an Employer Identification Number, then you can apply immediately. For applying for an EIN, you must use either paper filing or online filing. Through online filing, you can obtain an EIN immediately. In the United States, every trucker requires an Employer Identification Number for filing an IRS 2290 Tax Form. You can directly contact the IRS for applying an EIN or you can apply through the EIN E-file provider.

Why EIN Is Necessary?

Particularly, the Employer Identification Number is mandatory for filing 2290 HVUT forms. The Internal Revenue Service identifies the taxpayer by using the Business name and Employer Identification Number. Internal Revenue Service does not accept the Form 2290 without Federal EIN. For name controlling, the IRS requires Employer Identification Number and name. So, every taxpayer must need to enter the Employer Identification Number and name to file 2290 returns.

Don’t File 2290 Tax Form Immediately After Applying an EIN

Once you get EIN, you have to take four weeks to file the 2290 road tax form. Because the Internal Revenue Service takes time to register the Federal EIN in the database. After registering the EIN, the taxpayer needs to apply for the 2290 Form. If the taxpayer files Form 2290 with a new EIN before registering in IRS records, then the IRS rejects 2290 Form. IRS does not accept 2290 Tax returns without entering an EIN.


Jack does not have an Employer Identification Number. Generally, to file the IRS Form 2290, he requested a Federal EIN. He got the Employer Identification Number from the IRS immediately. But he filed the 2290 tax returns immediately after getting the Employer Identification Number. So, the IRS rejected the 2290 Form. He filed the tax form before the EIN getting registered in the IRS records. Moreover, the IRS accepts Form 2290 when filing 2290 returns after four weeks of getting EIN and provides IRS approved schedule 1 after accepting the 2290 Tax Form.

Don’t Receive a Stamped Schedule 1

Can I File My 2290 Tax Form Electronically I Just Received My EIN? The taxpayer does not receive a stamped schedule 1 if he doesn’t file the tax form on time. Stamped Schedule 1 is mandatory for heavy vehicles operating on public highways. Particularly, highway authorities check the 2290 schedule 1 of the heavy vehicles. If a taxpayer doesn’t show schedule 1, then they have a chance to pay the penalties.

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